Old Servers not allowing the installation of new products like CRM

We have used monday.com for around 4 years. This means that when we installed the product our account was on one of the very first servers available. As time has moved on, monday.com have created new servers for new users. The new servers have the ability to install new products like CRM. Because our server doesn’t allow for the CRM system to be included, we have to create a new CRM account and move our boards across to the new CRM account manually. This sounds pretty simple but its not. It means that any app integrations have to manually be added from scratch and for us this would be a huge undertaking, which would have to start with an audit to work out exactly where they all are. It also means that each board would have to temporarily have its privacy setting removed before copying it across to the CRM system, which puts our data at risk during the migration process. All linked boards have to come over together in one folder, so these will need re-organising on the CRM system once migrated. Also any apps will need to be re-purchased, so temporarily they will exist on both accounts until the migration is complete. And all users including users that have left the company will need creating in the CRM system, otherwise boards holding old data that they were linked to will have an empty people column. Monday.com have asked us to suggest creating a migration process as an enhancement request.

I have never complained about the product until now. But I feel let down as a loyal long standing customer. It seems that my loyalty is what is penalising me here. In that due to us being a customer for the longest time we are at a disadvantage to those who have only recently moved to monday.com. New account holders can simply add other products like CRM. But longstanding customers, like us, have to spend our own time migrating everything over to a new account manually, which is open to error and risk to the running of my business.

Either way it seems I have no choice, so I would be interested in reaching out to anyone who has had to go through this process to find out how things went and if you could give me any tips.

Many thanks


This sounds ridiculous, and hard do believe. But sadly, it is true :frowning:

Due to the build that I have created, we have to do something similar whenever a new line of business/office opens up. To accomplish this, I’ve had to use the Workspace Template feature.

This feature requires you to Remove from Templates any template objects you have (temporarily), so the entire workspace can be made into a template. By doing this, it allows me to take every piece of information from one workspace and duplicate it into another. There are still frustrating limitations with integrations and automations:

  1. All integrations will have to be installed on the objects they were previously installed on
  2. All automations calling out a Team instead of an individual or a Person column had to be fixed by re-selecting the Team.
  3. All automations that create/move objects to another folder/group/board/workspace will have to be manually updated to ensure the objects go to the intended space within the new workspace you’ve duplicated.

There may be additional limitations I’m not aware of, but our build has a complex series of automations utilizing Column Magic, AutoBoost, and AutoConnect and I am able to duplicate entire workspaces with a few tedious steps.

I hope this helps, let me know if you’d like more information about duplicating workspace with integrations/automations!


We also have a similar issue with our Monday.com account.

We are a completely EU based company, however when setting up our account our servers were set up in the US.
If we wish to migrate to EU servers, we need to rebuild everything from scratch, which as you also know is quite a big undertaking.

If you have a migration request done please share it here so we can vote on it also.

Wow, this is quite alarming to hear! Thank you for sharing. This certainly raises concerns about how much functionality we are configuring in monday for our org and future extensions.