Our use: displaying our project focus board

Hi guys,

So, how have we been using Monday in our own way?
We have connected to the Monday API to display a ‘project-focus-board’ on our a monitor near or stand up spot. This screen is run by a raspberry pi which connects the Monday.com API and Freshdesk API to give a nearly real-time update during our regular standup time and 5 minute updates the rest of the day.

We use the project focus board as a guide through our stand up meetings; informing everyone what the focus projects for that week are, who’s working on them, the progress, if we are waiting for a client, when it’s due ánd how many (in)active support tickets we have.

With the focus board we can easily activate, de-activate and re-activate the projects. For example when the next phase of a project starts or where the client has delivered the needed input. In other boards we navigate the projects more detail oriented; this one is for the overview.

The ‘ticket counter’, as we like to call it, is connected to the Freshdesk and isa good way to keep our team aware of the pending support questions of clients. Because the whole team sees it, it is easy to remind one another that there’s work to be done there.

We used to write the project overview and ticket amount on a whiteboard. For an overview, it quickly became a bit messy. Writing project down, erasing and altering info, different handwritings, colors and lines. You get the picture, right?

A little about our company, as to make clear how it benefits us in our project management and daily operations: we are a full service digital agency specialized in creating custom websites, apps and products like logos and folders. We often work in a Agile manner, so projects are done in multiple phases and tend to be quite flexible. We also like to keep the whole team involved with what we are working on as a company and as colleagues.

With the focus board displayed, the overview is up-to-date, keeping us sharp and informed.

The users?
Since it is kind of our stand up agenda, everyone uses it in a ‘checking it’ kind of way. The project managers use it most actively, and team members are also able to make adjustments when necessary.

We use no automations with this particular board, since there is no use for it in the way we are using it.

Hope you like the way we’ve been using Monday to have an overview on our projects.
Text is just text, so check out the photographs for the board to really come alive!


Hi @ProjectieNadia wow - this is an incredible board!!
I am most impressed by your use of the API to make a seriously attractive ticket counter and overview. Thanks so much for the screenshot; they really help your use case come alive - thank you for sharing!


Hi @Kacey-monday.com ,
Thanks for the kudos! Hopefully it’s of help to someone :smiley: