Overview widget not giving accurate information

Hi Monday, I am using the overview widget for a lot of my boards and it seemd that the status column of the widget decides that if a deadline is getting close but the task is not completed, the status column in the project overview widget will say that the project is at risk.
A lot of stakeholders we have for the projects thinks that the overview widget has great potential for giving a 2 second initial overview over the project, however since the underlying calculations are saying that a project is at risk when a task is not completed before due date, the overview widget is actually giving the incorrect information.

Is this something you can look over as this would be very helpful for the stakeholders and the C-management in understanding the different project status.

Agree - I want to use this widget as a management overview, however it says my projects are at risk when they are on track -
Any fixes?

This is also a feature that our organization would like to use but is currently useless since it is flagging certain projects as At Risk when they’re not. There really isn’t another way to level this information up into such a simple format, and the fact that we can’t change the underlying calculations makes this feature unusable.

hi All,

To have an accurate overview of multiple projects (based on a template) where you can define your own conditions for RAG (Red-Amber-Green) statuses I would have a look at this app monday.com: Apps Marketplace. The app is designed to have an overview board from you you create new projects. All information (possibly filtered) from each project board is displayes in a single item in the master board.

I would also love to use this Overview widget to give top-level progress view of each client’s program board, but we need control over the logic for the status labels. I wish for some combination of this widget and the battery one, and it we need to have universal filters so that we don’t have to manually select the same columns and date filters (e.g. “this month”) for every individual board.