Permissions to item/subitem's creator only

I want to authorize modifications on the item to the item’s creator only. (in this specifique case, we are talking about subitems)
I thought this would be possible by editing board permissions, but what happens is that they need to be already assigned (which is not the case. We can not anticipate who is gonna be responsible for the subitem)

Or also in another way:
allow modifications of certain collones only to the item’s/subitem’s creator.

Does anyone knows how to optimise this?
or if this is even possible for the moment

thank you

Hey Marlene,

I hear where you’re coming from here.

At this stage, it isn’t possible to set permissions based on the item/subitems creator unless you’re using the people column - sorry for the setback! That said, I would recommend utilising the people column to set permission based on who is assigned. You can also set up the following automation to assign creator when the item is created:

I hope you can make this work in some way!

Hey Bianca,

thank you for your feedback. Unfortunnely, this does not work, because the user needs to be able to creat items/subitems, and to do this, permissions need to be open.
If i close permissions to “only edit assigned items/subitems”, the only person available to create items/subitems is the own boarder.

any feedbak on this?

Thanks for your reply Marlene - I understand where you’re coming from here. I am afraid based on what’s supported within the platform, if you’d like to restrict permissions to the item creator, this would be what I would advise. I am really sorry for the setback here. If you don’t mind, you can submit this as a feature request so that our community members can add their vote and increase likelihood for development :pray: I will also be sure to share this with our team internally.