Pie chart with numbers column

Hi All,
I would like to present my pie chart by number columns, not sure if it possible. Would be very appreciated to know what the best way is to present percentage of task by numbers.

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Hi ilona, f you want to visualize the percentage of tasks completed in a more graphical manner, you can for sure use the “Chart” view in Monday.com. This view can display various charts, including pie charts or bar graphs, based on the data in your board. You can configure the chart to represent the percentage of completed tasks, making it easier to visualize progress at a glance.

Hi Alis, thanks for your response, you mean visualize tasks based on “Status” column?
What I’m asked is how can I add text column, “Number” to the chart view?

Oh ok, How can you add was your question. After you have you number column and you enter all your numbers, create a chart view from the “Views”.
Select the “Chart” option from the available view types, and then you can configre the chart. At this step, once the chart view is created, you’ll need to configure it to display the data you want. In the chart view settings, you’ll see a section called “Group By” on the left side. Click on the “Add Group” button and select the “Number” column from the list.

I have made a chart using some information from a board with finance information, and I have a chart with months and expenses. Adjust any chart from settings to show you what information you need.

I/m sorry but I don’t see the option you stated… Under the settings I see:

  1. Chart type (I selected pie chart, but also tried to set bar- without success)
  2. Labels- I selected Subitems, since the values I want to see listed for each subitem
  3. Values- not sure for what it used for
  4. More settings- here I can choose to select value or percentage
  5. Choose groups- Selected the group I want to display
    After all, I still can’t see the relevant data… please see the screenshots from the view selection and main table

this is a print screen from a random board inside my monday account,

You have to play with all the settings until you can get the information you desire to appear on your chart,

Hi, thanks!
Can you send a screenshot of your main table?