Planning on an hourly base

I’m curious how you are using monday to plan on an hourly base. It seems that you only can use the timeline in days. So how do you do this, especially when viewing the workload view and workload view in the dashboard of multiple boards.

No one is planning on an hourly based planning?

I’ve been waiting for a native solution for this there aren’t any yet, afaik.

My workaround is having a personal board with all items assigned to me linked via linked column. The main (linked) items, usually larger tasks, have an estimate/expectation time in hours (numbers column), which is mirrored to the personal board. The estimate number is what we base the workload on in the dashboards. I schedule the tasks with subitems into smaller chunks, usually 1-3 hours long. The subitems aslo have an numbers column, that corresponds to these hours and that should then sum to the total time expectation in the main item. The subitems have date column in which I set the actual hours, which is also synced to my calendar.

It’s quite a messy setup but the best I could come up with so far.