Please, Fix issue that horizontal (sideways) scrollbar of window disappears while used widget

It’s very annoying when used table-widget and horizontal (sideways) scrollbar disappears when scrolling up. This can be prevented by adjusting widget size so it fit’s on window but this is needed to readjust every time when moved from display to other or changed window size.

  1. make scrollbar of window so that it won’t disappear as vertical scrollbar won’t disappear. There is vertical scrollbar for widget and window.

  2. Make widget size adjusment happen automatically when window size is adjusted.

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Hey Petri! Thanks so much for sharing this feedback - we appreicate hearing how your user experience can be improved!

We’d love for you to add this to our feature requests page in the Community so other Community members can upvote your suggestion! Our product team looks at the posts with the most upvotes to decide on what to add to our product roadmap.

Thank you! :heavy_heart_exclamation: