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I think I’m talking about an automation but I can’t wrap my head around it.

I’m using the fundraising CRM and I’ve imported 269 active donors and 375 donations. In order to connect the donation to the donors I need to select the donors in the donations board. To do that 375 times is very time consuming so how can I populate them? The unique id would be that both donation and donor CRM board have an email address assigned.

Is there a way to populate the donor column in the donations board with data from the donors CRM board based on email?

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Hi @miche :wave:

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It is a little difficult to fully understand your exact workflow setup without any visual references, but based on the information you’ve provided it sounds like you’d like to automate the linking of items between boards, is that correct?

If so, we do have automations that allow you to automatically connect items based on a particular value, say for example an email address:

That said, the automation will only fire when it is triggered - meaning that you will need to change a column for the automation to be triggered.
It will not automatically connect the existing items without a change being made.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, I’d love to better understand your workflow. If you’re able to share some screenshots of the boards this would be hugely helpful! You can blank out any sensitive data, ofcourse!

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smiley:



Hello there @Dani

Thank you so much for you time posting this! I literally just solved it this morning with some Monday support help. Thank still though because I think this automation was a brain breaker.
As I am reading my message myself, I can see that it’s confusing :smiley: but you apparently speak Miche because your solution is the one that I’ve been working on as well.

For anyone that is reading this - the question is based on when I was watching the webinar (Donor management | monday.com webinars - YouTube). I was wondering how to automatically populate the donors column in the donations board with data from the donors CRM ie if the email matches, populate the cell with the name that is associated with that email address. it’s essentially what Eran is suggesting in the video at 31:08 but he doesn’t explain how to do it.

I solved it similarly to how Dani suggest with the automations suggested. All I did extra was creating an extra status column and changed the status to “done” (choose whatever you like though) which triggered the automation. I only had to clean up a handful of missed records.

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