Precise task/coding support RFQ

I would like to work with a specialist that is willing to work on assigned tasks in Monday (using shared board and email notifications, as needed) to support and improve our platform. I have spoken with some incredible service providers associated with Monday, but would like something different than a ‘package’ of services. Morso, I am looking for a partner that is also compensated for their time.

I have been working on implementing a comprehensive workflow for our structural engineering firm and feel we have made good progress. However, having the support to delegate tasks in an incremental and on demand fashion would be great for productivity. The challenge is that I am one person and I have 10-15 feature functions/implementations that are floating around at any one given time. I will clearly define the how and what of each task and research will be limited, what I need is an execution partner.

The consultant can be confident that we will ask for solutions that have clear workouts and slowly graduate to API work and custom work.

We have a standard contract we provide Engineers and Designers (in our industry) which includes upward time rounding, hourly rates , competitive payrates etc. I would follow that format and offer regular engagement on these terms. Additionally I would like that this consultant start and stop the Monday timeclock function within Monday while working on a given task.

EXAMPLE: We have task boards with groups “Today” , “This week” , Week 2-4", etc. I would like to use the formula and date column together in such a way that the date and subsequent output are use in an automation and govern which group the task is placed in.


I am very passionate about integrating into our work and while this is for my employer, I am personally sponsoring this work in the hopes that it becomes a standalone and repeatable system. The Work OS approach will thrive in the Manufacturing Industry and I hope to draw on my field experience and create tools that I (or my technical partner) can apply use in other applications.

Hi Anthony,

My name is Elena, and I’m a Expert and a Founder of Kick Consulting. I have several approaches I engage with my clients. One of those is exactly what you are looking for. I also work closely with a Zapier and coding specialist that will be able to help if the automation you are looking for is more complicated than initially thought.

I love and firmly believe that anything one thinks is possible to do through :slight_smile:.

I would love to talk further to see if I can help you :slight_smile:


Hi @AnthonytheEngineer
My name is Alex Robinson I work for JT’s Cloud and are the current APAC Partner of the year.
We can provide you with a tailored and customised service which provides you with all deloverables and timeframes that you are looking for.
As well as this we have a full development team that be utilised to help further with API integrations and customising current applications to work with if you require.

I encourage you to book a scoping session with myself so we can meet and understand your requirements further in implementing for you, please book a time via below link:
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Alex Robinson
JT’s Cloud

Hi Anthony,

How are you? I’m following up on my response on your post looking for a specialist. I would love to meet and see how I can help. I’m a senior specialist and partner, I work closely with a developer who is also a Zapier specialist. I’m located in Australia and have been a Monday partner for 3 years. I offer a 1 hour complimentary intro meeting where i can also scope the work. If you can’t find anything available during the hours suitable for you, please let me know and i can shift some things around.

Look forward to hearing from you.