Pricing for non-profit

Dear partners,

As a non-profit organization, we are always mindful of our expenses. Currently, our membership includes 2 Admins, 9 Members, 1 Viewer, and 3 Guests. To optimize our expenses, we would appreciate your insights on which plan would be most suitable for us.

Thank you for your assistance and support.

Sincerely, Anna

HI @anga! Our NPO plan is free for eligible nonprofits for up to 10 seats and then it is 70% off for groups of bulk seats. You can find a more specific breakdown of that pricing here: Nonprofits |

With the information you shared, I would suggest that your plan is upgraded to 13 or 15 seats depending on the account privileges that you need your team to have access too. Please let me know if you have anymore questions!


Hi Jasmine, do you have the pricing for the additional seats? I know it says 70%, but need the price her user, per month. Thanks