Progress bar - automation

I have multiple statuses linked to a Progress Bar and would like to automate the movement of a pulse to a group based on the progress bar being 100%. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find a solution other than the closest option of when 2 statuses change to something then move item to group; I have more statuses than 2 unfortunately.


Any guidance appreciated.

Hi @Noelie2000! You are correct, currently progress tracking is not supported in automations - we did release another automation for 3 statuses (an extension of the above more or less):

Additionally, are each status dependent on the one before or could you make a “final status” columm that changes similar to the progress reaching 100%?


Thanks Laura.

A third status would help as I can be selective; battery would be better but I can think laterally.

Have toyed with a final status and maybe a dependency to a status is the way forward.

Thanks for helping me to think differently.