How to create an automation with Progress = 100 %

I would like to automate the move of a pulse when the Progress = 100 %.
How do I do that?
Is it possible?

Been looking for this feature as well, I thought that would be the idea behind the progress column! I need an automation for when Status 1, Status 2, Status 3 and Status 4 are marked as complete. I thought I would be able to solve this with the Progress Column, but there is no automation for the Progress Column and it doesn’t register in the Formula Column.
Sad to see such a brilliant idea fall short of it’s possible usefulness.

@Bjorn could you make the last status that drives the progress to 100% the status that pushes the automation?

The “problem” is that the status doesn´t get 100 % in an serial fashion.
Status 2 and 3 could be 100 %, then when Status 1 is 100 % then the Progress is set to 100 % and the automation should trigger.

Hey @Bjorn and @alejencia! Our dynamic custom recipes that are being released end of Q1/early Q2 will include support for the progress column. Stay tuned for this release! Cheers!

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Heads up, custom automations have been released/are in beta, and I still don’t see any way to use a progress column in a recipe. Below shows me attempting to create such an automation on a board that has a progress column:

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Will there be any developments with Automations for the progress column?

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@lauralev curious to know if there has been any progress with automations based on the progress column? Thanks!

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Jan `22 … still searching for a feature like this. Has anyone allready found a solution ?

Hello Laura. Any progress on features related to this post? Thank you!

Any updates regarding the automation + progress bar combination?