Project Management: Linking Campaign Boards to Calendar and then to approval board

Hi everyone!

Our team runs each campaign we have on a board, where each item listed is a project within that campaign. Then we also have a calendar where we can see when each of these items(social posts, blogs, emails, etc.) is scheduled to be posted. And then we also have a separate board for approvals from the entire team, where there is an item for each project and every sub item under that is a person that needs to approve the project before it gets posted.

I was wondering if there is a way that when we outline all of the content for campaigns, it automatically populates in the calendar and also creates the same item in the approval board? I would also need the files to be mirrored across all three boards. Or is there a much simpler way to set up this process that I haven’t thought about?

@JKnappe I am not super familiar with the calendar integrations (Google or Outlook) but you will need to set those up for dates to show on a calendar. Alternatively, you could just have a posting date on the board that everyone could see.

As for duplicating the columns, you will need to set up a connect boards column with a 2 way sync, and establish mirror columns to duplicate the data from the source columns.

Depending on your workflows, you may want to explore automations to automatically create items on board B only after they are approved all the way on board A (automation: when status changes to X, create item in another board).

Hope this helps!