Project Scoring + Table

Hi - I am trying to create a project scoring feature. We have multiple categories with specific goals within each category. For each project we need to be able to select the goals that will apply to the project. From that I need to be able to create a table with a stacked bar graph showing the number of projects associated with each goal by category. I hope that makes sense! Any ideas how to set up the project boards to make this happen?

Hi @kzedmonds - this should be easily enough accomplished. If all of your projects are contained within a single board, you could simply create an additional status or dropdown (if multi-selection is needed) column with each of the goals needed. You can then add a Number Column and set it to a default of 1 for all new projects. This will give you a mechanism to count easily.

You can then use the Number Line Count as your Y-axis and Goals as your X-Axis (and stack by something else if needed).

Hopefully this helps.

Hi @kzedmonds :wave:

I agree with @mark.anley that this is likely best achieved by adding in either a Status or Dropdown column, depending on your particular needs.

If you’re using multiple boards, you might like to consider using a Dashboard instead, as this will allow you to view multiple boards within one central view.
You can then add a Chart view and customise this to show just the relevant projects.
You can read more on this in the articles below:
The Dashboards
The Table Widget

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smiley:



We have 4 categories of goals, and then within each category 3-5 sub-categories. Are you suggesting to create a drop down for the category and then a second for the sub-category? How would those be linked?

unfortunately that does not seem to accomplish what I am trying to do.