Prompt when editing multiple items

I believe showing a prompt when you edit an item that is a part of a group of checked-off items on a board would be very helpful, with something like "you are about to change XX number of items - are you sure?

I made the mistake of clicking the check boxes next to lines as a way to keep track of where I was, and needed to edit one of the lines, and this edit changed all of the lines, which I did not want. I am the 2nd person in my company (that I know of) that has done this, and there is no easy way to undo this, other than go through each item’s ‘Activity’, which can be very time consuming.

hi @bcarraway
Welcome to the community. Have you noticed you can undo the change (for a few seconds). See the green bar at the top:

You will probably notice the unintentional update quickly and you have enough time to undo it (I think).

Yea, fortunately the shock of seeing everything changing causes a delay of more than the 2 seconds that the undo button shows for.

Also, that green “undo” bar comes up any time you do anything, so it’s really easy to get conditioned to ignore it. We’ve had this happen a few times – changed tons of pulses that were unintentionally selected. A warning would be extremely helpful. It’s FAR too easy for someone to select everything on a board (especially if you’re using board shortcuts) and change things on every pulse when they meant to only change one thing.