Proposed changes on how Stacked bar chart are visualised

When some category is selected in Stacked bar chart, from user experience perspective, a user wish to see that particular element from categories.
For eg: On X axis, I have X, Y , Z categories and it is stacked up by for X (a,b,c), Y(a,b,c), Z(a,b,c), I wish to see results only related to X(a), so when I click on it the result show me all (a), not only for X also Y, Z. But ideally a person uses stacked bar chart to get a view of what is happening around two categories (X,Y,Z) and (a,b,c), so if I only wish to see X(a), I should see that only rather than displaying all. I know we can use filters, but the end-user is not interested to see all the data and also doesn’t have enough time to keep filtering out.
One of the solutions, I was told was about to use normal bar chart, but my complain with that is we are only able to see one category (X,Y,Z) but stacked bar chart really gives idea about (X,Y,Z) stacked by (a,b,c).
SUGGESTIONS: From improvement prospective, I would suggest to have a functionality which allows end user to only see one particular data from the categories rather than showing results of all the items within that category across all category on X axis.
eg: X axis (X,Y,Z) and Stacked by X(a,b,c), Y(a,b,c), Z(a,b,c), the result expected by my end user X(a), but when I click on X(a), the results provided X(a), Y(a), Z(a) instead of just X(a)

Hello, I am new here and I have also same question I want to know more.