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Hello Monday Community,

my company is building a website that generates html based on Monnday updates that we have on a specific table.

Querying the body property of update, I receive the html version of the update, containing something like:

   <img src="" />
   <h4> Some Content </h4>

The problem is, that customers wont be able to see this image because you have to be logged in on monday to access the source URL.

Is there any way to make this content accessible, without having to query the asset’s public URL?

Hey there @juan1 :wave:

That’s a great question!

We do provide an option to create a public URL to the file uploaded on directly, as seen in the public URL field in the API Docs:

Transparently, it might be better to upload the files you’d like to share to a platform like Google Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive or others, and then post the file link in the Updates section directly by using the option within the UI. I think that would be a better solution in this case specifically.

That said, I do think this aspect of the platform could be better - I’ve gone ahead and passed your question as feedback to the development team :slight_smile:

Last, but not least - I’ve noticed this post didn’t seem to have a Sub-Category, and that’s totally cool. I’ve already added one on my end. It would really help if we could keep mindful of the categories within the community though, as that helps keeping things tidy and easy to find. I hope that makes sense.


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