Pulses from one board as parent pulses, items from another board as subitems (one to many nested)

So let’s say you have a company board, and a contacts board — every contact is assigned to a company via a company ID, which is also on the company record.

How do you create a board where each company is a parent pulse, and each associated contact is a subitem? And if you add a contact to the table with the company ID, it automatically shows up on the Company/Contact board without having to add it manually?

Seems like it should be very easy, but I can’t figure it out. Thanks for any insight!

You can create both boards you are describing, one company board with items that reflect companies (board 1) and one board with items that reflect contacts (board 2).

After that you add a column which is called ‘Link to item’ column to board 1, and during this proces you make sure to connect it to board 2. You also will get the choice to connect any mirrored columns from board 2.

Now you can add contacts from board 2 to board 1. In board 2 the selected companies will show up as well.

Thank you for the reply, Eltjo. However, I have two things I want to do:

  1. I want to bring in the entire contact row, not just certain fields;
  2. I want the first field in the contact row on the “combined” board to be the first column of the contact row.

For example, it seems like in Monday, I have to have something like this (the eclipses “…” represent columns:

Pulse in Company Board:
Company A…Top Client…123 Elm Street…Etc

Pulse in Contact Board:
Judy Irving…President…123-456-7890

So those are my two parent boards. What I want is a board that looks like this:

Company A…Top Client…123 Elm Street…Etc
[SUBTASK] Judy Irving…President…123-456-7890

And I want all that data to come from those two other boards. However, if I create a new board in Monday, I suspect I’ll get this:

[uneditable, undeletable first column][mirrored columns from company board]
[SUBTASK][uneditable, un-deletable first column][mirrored columns from contact board]

Or if I add the contacts to the company board as subtasks, I’ll get this:
Company A…Top Client…123 Elm Street…Etc
[SUBTASK][uneditable, un-deletable first column][mirrored columns from contact board]

Hope that makes sense! Thanks again for the reply.

Your explanation makes sense, but what I don’t understand is why you want the contacts as a subtask which is controlled on an other board. Why not in one of the columns (link to item column) in the ‘company row’. This is possible at the moment and will give you something what comes close to what you are trying to achieve.

As far as I know the setup you are describing is not possible at the moment.

Thanks for the reply, Eltjo. That first field that can’t be mirrored from something else, can’t be deleted, and can’t be named differently is annoying to me. I guess I can just leave it empty if I don’t want to type in it.