Question about notifying me based on Board Status

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I wanted to know if it’s possible to notify the board owners if a new task is created containing a specific Status, i.e. Urgent.
Also, if that’s possible, what are the available notifications that can be used - If I only get an email from Monday that surely won’t be enough, is there any way to get notified (again, ONLY if its a specific status) through the mobile app or even through SMSs?

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you can set up an automation that includes a notification and an email. you can choose what the message says. I have it set to send an email to me and notifications to my team that this item has been marked as urgent.


Hi, thank for helping out!

Unfortunately only e-mail isn’t enough for me, is there any way to add another way of communication, i.e. phone SMS?


Hi Nicolas!

You can also use the integration of Twilio for SMS notification on a specific status changing or column changing. You can make your own notification message and send it to you or your team. There are some automation that might be suit your need. Hope this help :slight_smile:

Option B:
You can also enable your app notifications in your monday mobile in order to push the notification in your mobile.