QuickBooks Integration for Monday.com

The QuickBooks integration is here!

We built this integration because, like many others in the community, we wanted to deeply connect Monday.com with our accounting tool of choice, QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks integration will give you the power to track all past and new invoices (along with their statuses), create and edit customers AND invoices, and other features that will save you time and money (mostly because you won’t have to buy Tylenol for all of those headaches!).

We run our business on Monday.com, and we automate a lot of our workflows on top of an iPaaS tool called Integromat (it’s like Zapier but more powerful). We have been helping clients automate their accounting workflows with Integromat for a while now, and realized that we could help more people by creating this Monday.com App.

We would love for you to try out the QuickBooks integration. All you need is a Monday.com account and you can set up a demo here!

Please expect this survey to take up to 6 minutes to complete. Once you finish, you’ll be able to book a demo to start integrating QuickBooks into your Monday.com environment!

Please give us feedback, we love learning and iterating to make our processes and products the best they can be!

Thanks for posting this, I’m interested in learning more about this integraiton. I may not be your typical customer as I’m new to quickbooks, but as I’m consulting with other clients it would be great to have some information on this app and its capabilities to better advise my clients.

1 thing I filled out the form, but clicking the ‘Book a Demo’ button at the end doesn’t seem to work. Maybe I did something wrong, but clicking it multiple times still nothing happens…

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Hey @timlittletech! Thanks for filling that out. I will send you an email now to schedule a meeting :slight_smile: