Quotes or an estimate for a construction company

Hola comunidad!! I’m looking to create an estimate from the mobile app, on the field for a construction company, something like freshbooks that from the mobile you can do and send a nice estimate. eQuotes doesn’t work on the mobile app and I came across the same issue with all external apps. Any suggestions? Pura Vida!

Hey @ofuks001!

This is definitely possible, but you would need to use external API to work it out.

Direct message me if you’d like to discuss this further!

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Hi @ofuks001 !

Is this issue resolved ? I’m looking for the same here.

@ofuks001 you could definitely do this in app; you would have to build a quite extensive board first full of formula recipes and automations- this is something I’m very experienced with- feel free to reach out if you’d like some assistance.

@Azhyr happy to help you too if you send me an email. :slight_smile: