Random line breaks when pasting to a conversation from OneNote

Hi everyone! Just wanted to check if anyone has any ideas on why this is happening.

I create my notes in OneNote, paste them to the text box when I create a conversation on a task, and hit save.

Problem is after I save.

From OneNote to the textbox, everything looks the same (formatting), but for some reason after I hit save some random linebreaks appear as if I hit enter in the middle of a sentence.

Hi @TheDeanster

There seem to be some special characters getting pasted from OneNote, due to which these line breaks are randomly happening.

The strange thing is the Monday’s frontend is able to handle it well (as can be seen on your screenshot of the textbox), but for some reason when you hit submit and the data is sent to Monday’s backend for processing it is getting messed up.

@BiancaT any idea as to what might be going wrong here?

Hey @TheDeanster,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention @Harsh :pray:

Can you confirm if this happens when copying/pasting from a seperate platform, such as Microsoft word? I’ve investigated internally and it appears that this might be specific to the format of Onenote on your computer. If you can let us know if the issue persists across a seperate platform, that would be great!

Hi @BiancaT and @Harsh. Thanks for looking into this!

I don’t seem to be encountering issues when copying-pasting from Word and Google Doc.

What I did was I created a new Word Document (and Google Doc), typed exactly what I had in OneNote, pasted into Monday, and it looked fine after hitting save.

Note: I actually just installed OneNote when I created these notes (wanted a note-taking app similar to a Mac’s notes app), so I haven’t tinkered anything yet on OneNote—Just type and go.

Thanks for your reply Dean!

Hm, given this occurs specifically for Onenote, and is not reproducible for other platforms, our team internally believe that this is an issue associated with Onenote, and not the monday.com platform. I recognise this isn’t the most helpful response, however I will do my best to find out more information and will be sure to share it here if I find anything. If it’s possible, to avoid these formatting errors, we do recommend using a different platform for note-taking :pray: If it’s of interest, you can check out our workdocs feature that offers a similar functionality?

Please note I have the same issue pasting a simple Word table into a small workdoc. Each cell has CR/LF like 5 times per cell, so it is unusable.

BTW, Workdocs do not seem to be an option as typing takes like 10-20 secs. I tried multiple browsers with zero plugins and after clearing my cache. I noticed that this issue was raised late last year in a separate post, yet it still seems to be an issue.

These 2 issues seem to be way too basic for them to take months to correct. Any target date for these fixes? Thanks in advance for your help.