Reading file data from ItemView: CORS prevent access due * vs

Hi there!

We are developing monday app as Item View. App should get the Item, which has file column. Well, monday API v2 provides getting this as an asset object having public_url. Fine. This URL works if I open in as link in another browser window or something, but our app should obtain the binary content of this file (image) to embedd it into some PDF document.

The issue is CORS. Our app hosted on monday, so it has url like… and that is URL of iframe, which actually used as ItemView.

However, the file public URL is like

Obviously we have CORS issue cause javascript is unable to call resource when we do JS “fetch()” call.

Ok, we found workarround as writting some micro-backend which will just CORS-free-proxy. But I think it could be better if Monday provide such proxy for its s3 files. Just like or like this.

Has anybody any ideas how to avoid to develop own CORS-free-proxy to “just obtain content of Monday file from monday APP” :slight_smile:

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Hi @gavluk, welcome to the community!

Ahh yes, what you’re referring to is indeed a pain point that some of our app developers also experience.

At this time, I would be more than happy to forward your feedback to our dev team for consideration and potential implementation.

I’m going to move this to our “Feature Requests” area and keep it open for further discussion!