View item error from Mobile App

We have view-only restrictions in one board, for users that are not admins, but our users are not even able to read the content of columns when using the Monday mobile App.

After tapping on the item column they can only see an error "You do not have permission to edit the column.

This results in them not being able to read the values of the column.
Why is this happening and what is the solution to this problem?

(attached a preview of the error with fields covered for privacy reasons)

Thank you

Hey @marcodg,

Thanks for your question!

In your screenshot (from what I can pick it up), it looks like data is still displaying in the columns (behind the black markings), however expectedly, due to the view-only permissions set, users are not able to edit this data. Just to clarify, these users are not able to even view* data in each column? Can you let us know what instead appears in each of the columns if the data is not displaying?

I look forward to hearing back, so we can get this sorted for you as soon as possible!