My Work - error icon in Subitem details

We have noticed we can now access subitem details directly from My Work when clicking the numerial icon to the right of item titles then clicking on any subitem titles that appear, which is great.

However Monday is displaying an error icon in several of the columns rather than the actual contents of those columns, We have confirmed the column contents are correct on the boards themselves, and this issue was intermittent with the standalone Monday MacOS app but always an issue when accessing via web browser. I have attached a screenshot of the error icons. We would love for this to be fixed ASAP as not being able to access subitem details from My Work has been a significant barrier for our implementation of Monday and would like to roll out this workflow immediately.

Hey Jeff!

Hm this seems a little strange…Can you please confirm how many boards those mirrored columns are mirroring across? Does this happen for all items/boards that have mirrored columns or just specific items/boards? I cannot reproduce so will need to gather some more information before confirming this is a bug! :pray:

Hi Bianca, thanks for the reply. This is an issue for all boards but it seems to be limited to just mirrored columns in the subitems. Any columns where text is entered directly in the subitem carries over fine.

Monday’s support team has already reported back to me confirming that this is indeed a bug that the development team will need to address ASAP. I’m just curious if any other users have encountered the issue and found a workaround which will allow us to keep our users in the “My Work” environment until a permanent fix is made.

I am currently facing this same issue in a Status column

We are having the same issues. This shows up in a Table View on one of my Dashboards in the Subitems area. Is there an ETA of when this issue will be resolved?