Reciprocal board connections

Hello Community

I started using reciprocal board connections, where each board has a link column to the other board, and updating links in one board also updates the links in the other boards. This feature is absolutely brilliant.

One question though: I noticed that when a board connection column is autoupdated (as a result of a reciprocal column being updated by the user), the column change made directly by the user fires a change column value trigger, but the column changes automatically (to reflect the user’s changes in the other boards) through the reciprocity feature, do not fire a column change. Is this the expected behaviour?

Hey @jaacquees, thanks for posting about this! Would you mind writing in to about this and sharing a short screen recording of this behavior at work? (You can use for free and send us a link, or your preferred platform). We’d love to take a closer look there to see whether this is expected behaviour or a bug.