Reciprocal connection among items on the same Board

I have a People board full of … people … and various details about them. A few of them are married to each other, let’s say 10%. I’d like to keep track of this, so I created a Connect Boards column and chose People and named the column Spouse.

I find Alice and click the + button for Spouse, search for Bob and select him. Now Bob shows up as Alice’s Spouse. But in Bob’s row of the Board, Spouse remains empty. I would like Alice to automatically show.

How can I make this connection one time but have it be mutual for both rows?

Hey @horosam,

If I am understanding correctly you’d like to establish a 2-way connection between the 2 boards here? If this is the case, you need to establish this at the initial stages of setting up the column via this option:

I am afraid you cannot apply this option on existing connect board columns, only to newly created columns in the set-up stages.

Let me know if this helps :pray:

Thanks for replying. To be clear: this is a “connect boards” column connecting within the same board. I checked the two-way connection box but the rows do not upate each other within the same board.

Thanks for clarifying @horosam! I can see you’re attempting to connect item-to-item in the same board. Whilst subitem-to-item is supported, item-to-item is a tricky one that I actually cannot replicate on my end and from my underestanding a functionality that isn’t fully supported. Please let me follow up with our dedicated team and confirm expected behaviour here :pray:

I appreciate your efforts. Thanks!

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Thanks for your patience with me @horosam! I have spoken with the team and they have confirmed that there are issues with this features’ behaviour and functionality. At this time, they are working on ascertaining what the correct functionality should be at this stage, as transparently it appears to be causing some confusion on our end too. I will continue to keep you in the loop about this. Thanks for your continued patience!!