Recommendations for Capacity/ Total Limit tracking

HI folks,

I work with a Non-profit theater group, and I am trying to build a Monday Board to track Capacity limits in a venue, that we then use a chart or Kanban view on our website to show schools booking how much space is available per day.

Currently, I am working off of this suggested build Venue Management / Room Booking

Creating a group per performance in the venue. However, I am trying to figure out a way where each item within that group is a reservation with a ticket number, that then counts against a total.

So for example if the venue can only hold say 100 seats, and I want each Item within the group to count against that total to show capacity, how would I go about doing that? Would I create a Master item in each group that the other items are working off of?

Hey Rowan!

How are you currently pulling in these reservations? Is it through a form? I ask as this will help inform the best way to structure the board.

If you’re looking to count the reservations against a total, I think our subitems would be best suited for you here, as you can compare total subitems (/reservations) against a total in your item (100):

That said, what data are you looking to populate you in your parent item?

Alternatively, you can create a board per performance which will allow you to drill-down that data on a deeper level, giving you a more in-depth understanding of how many reservations you have using the auto-number column.

Let me know your thoughts!