Venue Management / Room Booking

Does anybody have any examples of using as a venue management / room scheduling tool? We have a need for being able to book rooms and spaces in a quick and flexible way and it would great to see if anyone has attempted this already.


Following. I’m also interested in this. And how to show the duration of an event in the calendar view. Or if can integrate with a calendar system.

Following too. I’d like to understand if can be used for room booking.

Hi @JTC @elizabeth.mcarthur @jesspayne!

Take a look at this quick video as this is an example of how you can use the kanban view to make this work for you. Thoughts? Does this help get you to a starting point for your specific booking use case?


Hi @AronK ,

We have up to 20+ rooms and some of them are inter-dependent. This kanban view could work in the short term but would be extremely labour intensive. We also have rooms shared over 6 different high level boards that feed into a dashboard. Not sure how it can work with that?

Sadly I don’t think this is the right solution for us.