[RELEASED] Associating Items and Subitems

We’re using Subitems to track resources assigned to items on our boards. We’re using the API to pull everything into an external portal. We need a way to tie the subitems back to their parents, so we’ve set up mirror columns in the subitems, tied to their parent. The process is working, but populating the subitems’s mirror column is manual - user has to click on the field. We can’t find a way to automate it. Is there a way to do this programmatically via an app? Or is there an automation available that we’re not aware of?

Hey @cshafer - welcome to the community!

I wonder if perhaps this can be achieved with the 'items' query?


The following query responds with this data:

Although it would require some logic on your side, this query gives you the parent item ID, and the items of the subitems within it. You would need to run a second query with the subitem ID to get more information on the data there, but at least this would let you establish some kind of link.


This solution is broken as not all subitem ids will be returned by the query every time.

I have notified Monday about this bug but they don’t seem to care and aren’t implementing a proper API to fetch subitems.

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Hi @amitozalvo,

Just wanted to update you that we recently released the parent_item field for querying subitems. Should help a lot!

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