[RELEASED] Get Subitems - Groups "subitems_of_XXXXX" - API changed


Today the monday API request that I was using to get subitems broke, every new item that is using subitems, will not have a group id like “subitems_of_PARENT_ITEM”, but instead all group ids = “topics”.

This is my API request:
The GROUP_ID_FOR_PARENT_ITEM var below is something like “subitems_of_XXXXX” (with the exact item ID to use, I am inputting XXXXX to select ONLY subitems of a specific item)

query {
boards (ids: BOARD_ID_SUBITEMS) {
groups (ids: GROUP_ID_FOR_PARENT_ITEM) {
items { id name }

This works fine for my old items but suddenly new items added to my group will have all GROUP_ID_FOR_PARENT_ITEM = ‘topics’ now.

Did you change the API?

If so, any way I can now narrow down easily the subitems response only to subitems belonging to a specific item ID?


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I’m having the same issue and can no longer target specific subitems using the group ID.

I’ve also noticed that the board ID of a subitem now matches the board ID of its parent. Before, all subitems on a board had the same board ID as each other (like they were on their own board), but different than the main pulses.

URLs using the old subitem board ID still go to the correct subitem, but there’s a redirect to the new board ID URL.

I understand subitems are still in beta. The board ID change is not a big deal since the old URLs still redirect. However, a change to the group ID that lollococce is referring to would be nice to know about in advance - a few of our workflows are now broken. Perhaps there are subitem API changes afoot?

Hi @AaronAyAaronson and @lollococce, and welcome to the community!

The sporadic behavior when querying for their group Id is something our dev team is still working on. However, rest assured that this feature will be looked at and implemented very soon!

Regarding your question, @lollococce, you can use the column_values field when querying your regular items to find the Subitems that are linked to a particular item (the value will contain all of the Subitem Ids).

@AaronAyAaronson, it’s true that the URL for Subitems will be the parent board Id, however, you can still use a query to find the Subitem board Id (it’s just not as simple as looking at the URL). In full transparency, I don’t remember Subitems ever having their own URL (I believe you always had to query to find their board Id).

Hope this helps!


Hi all,

Check out my latest announcement on our new parent_item field! Should resolve this issue.

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