[RELEASED] List Field Type based on boardId


I am trying to build a List Field Type based in Custom Blocks. I have a requirement to prepare
the list based on the boardId to which the recipe is being added. I found that only below parameters are passed to the “Remote Options URL” from monday.com as part of payload:

  1. recipeId
  2. integrationId

Is there any way to also retrieve the boardId? Because i need to use it for preparing the list to be returned.

Hi @ranjit.vemuri

Welcome to the community. See also this discussion Cross board interaction between two items

When I discussed this with monday they explained that it will be possible (in the near future) to define the boardId as an dependency for Custom Field type. However it is not there yet.

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Thanks @basdebruin for the information.

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Hi @ranjit.vemuri,

I’m glad to hear @basdebruin was able to help! He’s the best.

We will make an announcement once this feature has been released.


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Hi @ranjit.vemuri

Have you seen this amazing announcement: [RELEASED] Dependencies for Remote Options in Custom Field Blocks

I did some early testing and I do get boardId in my endpoint defined in the Remote Options URL. Big thanks to the @monday-team for this amazing release.


Hi @basdebruin ,
i have followed the steps mentioned to get boardId as part of payload
and its working. Its solved my problem.

Thanks for the update.

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