[RELEASED] Location Column no longer accepted?

I was working on a script that adds appointments to monday using locations. As of last Friday, Nov 29, 2019, the api would accept the location info. All of a sudden this week I am getting errors saying the column is not valid. Did something happen? Why are locations no longer available?

mutation {
board_id: ######,
group_id: “topics”,
item_name: “Douglas, WY”,
column_values: “{“date4”:{“date”:“2019-06-03”},“hour”:{“hour”:19,“minute”:30},“month”:{“index”:6},“status4”:{“index”:5},“location”:{“address”:“300 E Walnut St, Douglas, WY 82633, USA”,“placeId”:“ChIJTRXqpLhKYYcRxCpTmn3WFCI”,“lat”:“42.7610824”,“lng”:”-105.3838591"},“status”:{“index”:3},“text6”:“Test Venue”,“text”:“Paul Smith”,“text61”:“room 24”,“numbers”:“30”,“text42”:“2392”}"


“error_code”: “ColumnValueException”,
“status_code”: 400,
“error_message”: “This column type is not supported yet in the api”,
“error_data”: {
“column_type”: “LocationColumn”

Hey there, thanks for joining the community! Dipro here :slight_smile:

The location column is not officially supported by our API but, due to a bug, it was possible to update the column via the create_item operation. This bug allowed users to add bad data to their boards which caused issues. Therefore, we added some data validation and now prevent users from updating unsupported columns.

We appreciate your patience here and I apologize for the change in behaviour. Do let us know if you have any questions!

Do you have an ETA on when the location column will be supported? One of our use cases involves updating equipment location columns based on tracking data from a telematics solution and we’d love to have this working.

I’m also looking for a reply on when this might be implemented.

Do you have an ETA? Whats the best way for me to get notified when this is available?

Hey there, I don’t have a specific ETA on when this will be released. When it is, I’ll be sure to post about it on this thread and in the community!

Hi @dipro,
This would really be a killer feature. Can you provide an update for that?

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Hi there,

Agree, this would be helpful as we’re working with hundreds of locations and prefer not to update location data manually.

Any new updates or maybe a timeline, Q4 this year or Q1 2021?


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A date estimate?

Function also expected

are you guys serious? Touted as the most integration friendly tool ever and something so basic doesn’t work for a year now?

@YannD @timxiber @jrod @jeromeskiply @ChrisCollins @darren @freestyledork

Check out my newest update here: [RELEASED] Updating Location column with API!

Hope this helps!