[RELEASED] Support Location Column import from excel, google sheets, etc

We use Monday.com to track our Field Team’s monthly visits to customers. The location column is excellent for this, linking with the Google Maps API and automatically allowing up to view the locations on a map. This view is awesome! However, we currently import monthly tasks with locations via a CSV file (exported from our CRM). During import into Monday, the addresses are not permitted to sync as a Location Column, only a text field. This requires us to go in and find the address for each manually. It is very tedious and wastes a lot of time. If the import worked as requested, we would use Monday much more frequently.

We are a Field Service company and can see many applications to use Monday.

Hi @abiciea! I agree adding the location column to excel import would be golden. We are currently evaluating how to improve the import to excel and will take this into consideration to add support to as well. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to improvements in this area next year! Cheers!

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If there is a way to do this with Google Sheets, a big plus too!

I don’t believe Zapier can do this - was just checking this out here - https://zapier.com/apps/google-sheets/integrations/monday. I don’t see location as a column option!

This would be a great workaround. Will API 2.0, when released to Zapier, have this ability?

@lauralev I have the same problem. I uploaded 1.817 businesses and I need to see the surroundings of that business on a google-map. So it is key that the column-type with the address can be changed from text to location. This is however not possible. I saw that this was first mentioned in 2013 and in 2015 Monday.com said they would look into it. Now it is 2020. This is a critical feature for us. Is there a workaround? After this list of 1.800, we will add a list of 27.000 businesses (in different boards), so manual labour is a no-go. Please advise.


@lauralev It seems this feature is not on the list with development - am I right? https://view.monday.com/39325084-bfc5c74be3d760bef14f4cd3ea04ffc2

This is a feature i really need. Not in the mood to copy 20000+ coordinates from one column to the one next to it, when its already in the board.


Has there been any developments on the Text to Location function, I would really love to see this feature materialize.


Hi @lauralev! Hope you are well.

Has there been any traction on updates to automation / integration to the Location column type? Much needed :pray:



@lauralev :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Aha! Good news folks! [RELEASED] Updating Location column with API!


Nice! Testing this out asap! :smiley:

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