Remove or disable 'New Item' button on board?


Is it possible to remove or disable the ‘New Item’ button at the top of a board (the one in blue), specifically for guests.

The reason being - Our Guests use forms to populate design briefs into a Board - our guests can then view and get updates on the specific board once their form has been submitted - how ever, in some instances our Guest will clink on ‘New Item’ to submit a new brief, rather than using the Form, this causes a number of issues, so we would like to know if its possible to disable this feature for guests.


Hi @marktwalls - have you checked the board permissions? I am not sure what your exact situation is with internals and externals, however you could set the board permissions to “write updates only” and set the folks that need edit access as board owners.

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@marktwalls to add to @mark.anley’s comment…

You can also set the permissions to “Only edit items…”. This will also inhibit users from adding items (unless they are board OWNERS).

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Hey @marktwalls,

Just echoing what both @mark.anley and @JCorrell have mentioned, in order to limit guest capabilities (i.e. creating new items), you will need to adjust the board permissions as disabling this feature for guests specifically, isn’t currently supported - apologies if this causes any setbacks!

If you run into any issues, feel free to reach out to our support team via :pray:

Hey @BiancaT , when adjusting the board permissions t only add updates, will this affect the form? will the users still be able to fill in forms that will populate the board as new items?

Hey @roniz!

Yes, users will still be able to submit forms via the form link. That said, once those items (/form submissions) populate the board, non-board owners will only be able to view the submissions (due to the permissions set).

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile: