Remove Subscriber from an Item using GrapQL

Is there a way to remove a subscriber from an item? I see a delete subcriber from board but no way (that I can see) to remove a subcriber from an item.


hi @josecgomez

What is your definition of a subscriber for an item? Is that a user that is part of a person column for a particular item? You can modify (read + write) person columns through the API. So, you can read and write back without the user you do not need for that item anymore.

Does that make sense?

Hi @basdebruin no I am referring to subscriber (that’s what the entity is called when you get it from the item as far as I can tell)

See red arrow, when you create an Item you are automatically “subscribed” to this item I want to be able to remove myself from this item that I am creating via an integration

hi @josecgomez
Understood, I think what you see is the owner of the item. This is set to whomever created the item and the item needs at least one owner (you can’t remove yourself through the UI either). Remember that when the item is created through the API the owner will be set according to which token is used to create the item.

Got it, however I can add other users and subscribers (and remove them) from the UI. Is there an API equivalent?

Unfortunately no possibilities to do that through API calls.

Hey @josecgomez - unfortunately this is not possible on the current API calls, but I’ll pass the feedback along to our team internally.


Thanks @dsilva I actually found a work around
You can make a [DELETE] call to


Along with the standard API Authorization toke and that works!!

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That’s a clever workaround @josecgomez! I’ll be sharing it with the team, thanks for posting it here :slight_smile:


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