Removing assigned people from item through API

Hey Ya’ll,

Building an integration with lots of Monday api calls & webhooks. Usually when I can’t find documentation I scour the forums, or end up dumping monday webhooks to see how an item is dumped to see if feeding it back to monday will give me the result I want.

This however, has not been working with removing all assigned people from an item. Here People ( explains how to add assignees, but not remove.

So from dumping a webhook from monday when I clikc to remove all assignees I get this payload:

{'event': {'userId': 22676521, 'originalTriggerUuid': None, 'boardId': 1973061092, 'groupId': 'topics', 'pulseId': 1973182044, 'pulseName': 'alex test', 'columnId': 'people', 'columnType': 'multiple-person', 'columnTitle': 'Assignees', 'value': {'personsAndTeams': [{'id': 22676521, 'kind': 'person'}], 'changed_at': '2021-12-02T18:56:21.478Z', 'column_settings': {'hide_footer': False}}, 'previousValue': {'column_settings': {'hide_footer': False}}, 'changedAt': 1638471382.0685995, 'isTopGroup': True, 'app': 'monday', 'type': 'update_column_value', 'triggerTime': '2021-12-02T18:56:22.793Z', 'subscriptionId': 89023319, 'triggerUuid': '4fddabedd12424a23fd4589a37b6d1a1'}}

From this it seems like {‘column_settings’: {‘hide_footer’: False}} is how I can remove an assignee…

So I add it to my payload in python:

col_vals = json.dumps(json.dumps({
            const.issue_assignee: {"column_settings": {"hide_footer": False}}, ###Its right here
            const.issue_status: {"labels": [data['issue']['state']]},
            const.issue_github_id: str(data['issue']['id']),
            const.issue_github_labels: {"labels": labels},
            const.issue_open_date: {"date": data['issue']['created_at'][0:10]},
            const.issue_number: {"url": data['issue']['html_url'], "text": f"#{data['issue']['number']}"},
            const.issue_github_org_repo: f'{url[3]}/{url[4]}'

Then send my query off:

for boardId, pulseId in pulseIds:
        query = f"""
                change_multiple_column_values (
                    item_id: {pulseId},
                    board_id: {boardId},
                    column_values: {col_vals}, 
                    create_labels_if_missing: true) 
        payload = {'query': query}
        res =, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(payload)).json()

And I get a valid response:

"data": {
"change_multiple_column_values": {
"id": "1957458055"
 "account_id": 5931395

Interestingly the last user gets removed for about 5 seconds, then re populates on the board again.

Is there any way to make this work around permanent? I feel like it’s almost possible, so if it’s just a “its not supported, great suggestion, add it to the list”, I would at least like some insight into why monday webhook dumps {“column_settings”: {“hide_footer”: False}}.

Thank you!