Removing duplicates from a board

We have integrated monday with Jira and noticed that sometimes there are duplicate values appearing in the boards where Jira ticket data is displayed. I highlighted this twice to Monday service desk but they haven’t reverted yet. Thats another issue but first i need help in resolving duplicate data issue. I am attaching some screen shorts below. These are tickets that we create in Jira and then try to see them in Monday board


Hi @shami

Is the issue still relevant?

When you say you wrote to services, you are referring to

We usually ask that bugs are reported there.

In terms of removing duplicates, right now you would have to remove them using Batch actions. If you hover your mouse next to the left of the items you want to delete, you will see the pop out checkbox. If you mark all of the duplications, you’ll be able to delete them all at once.

Let me know if that helps?

Thanks Julia. What i am basically asking is that why do we have duplicates coming in the first place?
These are all unique transactions in Jira.

Hello @shami , In case you would like to remove duplicates from your board, we just released an app that helps you do so. You can find the app here.

Here is a community post that shows more details about the app.

Thank you for raising this!

This is also a challenged that I am facing, the problem is that this duplicate leads don’t follow themselves.

I have over 200 leads in a board with maybe a couple of them in the same board, but I wouldn’t know because this leads don’t follow themslves.

Deleting is the easy part, being able to see them is the hard part.

We have run into the issue as well. We have duplicate items on our JIRA board and cannot understand why - there is a single entry in our JIRA. Has there been an update on why this happens and how to resolve it?