Request form – multiple items created from one submission


Within the request form, is there an option to upload an excel (or similar spreadsheet) into one submission that auto-populates into multiple tickets?

For context, I’m looking for a way to optimize our quarterly planning process for cross-functional creative requests. Project owners across the business typically plan quarterly needs using an excel spreadsheet or a similar program within their own departments.

Once these requests are ready for the creative team, the project owners need to create tickets one-by-one - which can be a pain.

I’d like to make the process of uploading more efficient, where they upload an excel through the request form and the tickets/line items auto-populate from there. This way, we can review all requests for the upcoming quarter, and the project owners don’t need to submit each individual request – instead they submit in bulk, then edit the tickets once further information is ready.

Hoping this makes sense and hoping there’s a solution hiding in plain sight.


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Hi there!

This is an interesting one and hope I understand the use case as:

Quarterly planning for creatives typically come in bulk from a table source and in order to triage, you would like to have a upload of all to the corresponding columns to then assign.

If this is a fair assessment, there is a way to accomplish this out of the box but it’s a bit manual:

  1. Create a Intake board that is not your production board.

  2. Make sure this is a main board or provide access to those that will put these requests in. If they don’t have licenses you can give them guest licenses for free.

  3. Once you have the fields you need on the board, export this to excel with blank values so that this will be the template everyone will use to track their creative asks.

  4. Once they are ready to upload, they can do an item upload via the Excel file and it will auto map via the import wizard.

  5. Have a automation move these items once uploaded to your production board to plan.

This is to keep to your process however I would recommend this approach for a more fluid and less mistake prone method:

  1. Make sure all users have access to your intake board with guest licensing and full licenses as well.

  2. Set automation for whenever item is created, set owner (people column) to creator.

  3. Set permissions for items to only be seen by those who create the item on the owner column.

  4. Have a status column they can toggle with send as a status.

  5. Have an automation that when Send is selected, the item is moved to the production board.

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to reach out!

Mike B
Automation Architect