Retain Number Currency Formatting in Outlook Email Integration

In one of our boards we utilize a number column to capture dollar amounts per item. We currently send specialized email notifications to senior leadership for an approval process and we include the number value within that email.

We have the number column in the board configured to display a $ as well as comma separation where needed, but the resulting email notification does not retain the native currency formatting. Is it possible to retain the currency notation within the email, or no?

Hey Chris!

Charlotte here for the monday team! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

Would you be able to reply with a screenshot of how it appears in the email to your leadership team?

If the formatting settings from the numbers column do not transfer over, you could edit the text from the email right before the numbers column to show a $. For example, if your text is something like

“Hello, here is the total: {number column}”

You could change it to “Hello, here is the total ${number column}”

This isn’t a perfect solution but could potentially be a good workaround?

Hello Charlotte, thanks for your reply.

For internal compliance reasons I cannot provide a screenshot of the email, but i can confirm that in our MDC board the number column is set up with Unit=$ and values follow the format: $##,###.##

But when referenced in the email with {pulse.numbers}, it shows in format: ###.##, formatted email below:


There is a {pulse.request_type} draw request for the amount of {pulse.numbers} pending your approval from {pulse.people_14} & {pulse.people16}

Please review and provide comments or approve.