Ringover / VOIP webhook?

Currently, I am using Ringover and I was looking for an integration / webhook that relies Monday to Ringover. Any ideas on how to send my new leads to Ringover’s contacts and how to get the update information / statuses / call logs, etc ?

Hey @hbsfrance :wave:

That seems like something Zapier could handle for you :slight_smile: Webhooks are only suppoted on the Premium plan, but perhaps you could also use some of the in-built triggers for both monday.com and Ringover.

Here is a guide from Ringover on how to get started:
Zapier integration - Ringover



All of the integrations + automatisations are gone in an instant, nobody touched nothing.


Thank you for circling back with me! Sorry to hear you are having an issue with your integrations, that does seem a bit odd.

I strongly recommend reaching out to our support team at support@monday.com directly, as they would be able to troubleshoot this further via email. We would need to gather some more specific info about the issue here so we could figure out the root cause and help you resolve the behavior, and it wouldn’t be wise to collect this info on a public community forum.

I hope that makes sense and keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to resolve this quickly for you.