Schedule and Resource Conflict

It would be great if there were a way to have a project manager or coordinator get automatically checked if they are about to double book a resource.

I realize this is more or less what the Workload view is for, but Workload doesn’t stop you from double booking things and it’s a little hectic to have to jump back and forth between a scheduling board and the workload view, especially for lower resolution users.

It would be awesome for there to be a configuration that “linked” a date column to resources (without breaking the deadline mode) in a status column that would kick back a warning, that has to be confirmed in order to take effect on the board, if that same resource was already scheduled for that same date.

I’d be happy even if all it was was an automation that said “This resource is already scheduled for this date. Please double check that the resource is available on your desired date.”

The recipe might look something like:

“If (Status) has already been scheduled on (Due Date), (Notify) (Someone)”

For me that would look like:

“If Room A has already been scheduled on Due Date, Notify Project Manager”

It might even be easier to have a view filter option.


“Only show pulses If Date and Status column match.”