Schedule Performance Index (SPI) formula + S-curve charting

I am working on a project for a large product and have been asked to produce a schedule performance index (SPI) and S-curve chart that will visualize progress to schedule over time.

“The schedule performance index (SPI) is a measure of the conformance of actual progress/earned value (EV) to the planned progress (PV)”


Schedule performance is typically displayed on an S-curve chart that shows, EV, PV and Actual cost, like so:

Currently Monday has a few limitations that prevent this:

  • My attempts to create a formula to calculate SPI are successful, but the additional logic required to assess whether non-earned work is actually due yet is proving difficult
  • Should I be succesful in getting the formula to work, my ability to visualize the data into an informative chart will be highly limited without an S-Curve
    chart widget. This article indicates it is possible, but does not go into detail and I am not seeing this?

In all, just wanted to request further features supporting Earned Value Management and visualization, and confirm if there are tools available I have not seen. Thanks!

One last note, the linked article says it is possible to use “WorkOS” data to drive charting, however when I assemble charts in Monday I do not see this option. How would one do this to say set up the X axis as the full project timeline and use the Y axis to display a cumulative line such as “work completed over time”? Or do the opposite to create a “burndown” chart?

Hi Travis
I’m looking for the same, as this is one of the basis to track projects.
Unfortunately I’m stuck on the ability to stack the 3 curves on the same diagram
EV and AC curves are based on effective dates where PV is based on planned date however stack lines doesn’t have the ability to refer to different X axis. If you succed to get it done I will be happy if you can share