Scoring projects for prioritization

Does anyone have a weighted scoring workflow to prioritize projects? I want to keep things simple, but I’m not sure I can.

Hi @shonburns, welcome to the community! Are you able to add some more context to what you are looking for?


I am looking for a somewhat simple way to score projects for prioritization…just wondering what others have done in that regard.

I’m just getting my project portfolio setup, so we haven’t used it as intended yet… I did find some tips on setting this up. I added a formula column and several columns to represent the important corporate goals that the projects should be addressing. You can add weighting in the formula column to add emphasis to any column’s score. This was added to the Project Requests & Approvals Board

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Thanks, Anita. Do you have a column for anything regarding return on investment, or is your Supports Value Drivers a conceptual beginning point for that?

We are a small startup so we don’t have a lot of metrics in place to measure against, as a larger company might have. To get us started we are “ball-parking” our estimates and will get better as we move forward.
If you have enough data to calculate ROI, then maybe setup a similar set of columns/project score to capture that. For us, Value Drivers are the current company goals… we can weight this more heavily to gain alignment. Corporate Efficiency/Cost Reduction may be related to ROI. I’m combining those columns together and adding a new one for Corporate Sustainability (to address supply chain issues).
In the end, it’s important to be aligned on what is important to the company.