See all assigned tasks in My Week without dates or deadlines

Unfortunately, the new MyWork solves almost none of the problems mentioned in this thread. People talk about needing a more compact view (MyWork fits 5 tasks on my browser window), and needing to view different team members’ tasks (you’d have to filter every board), and needing to see tasks in the configuration most helpful to the user (MyWork forces a date-assigned order).

The only thing MyWork solves is not limiting items to this week. But the ordering makes no sense and having to set filters for every board individually in order to see a clean task list… frustratingly tedious to filter and maintain. Honestly, MyWeek is better than this.

What we need is very simple: Starting with the current MyWeek… but expand the range a few weeks, and let me group/sort by status or date or board, instead of forcing “today,” “tomorrow,” etc. (which also takes a lot of space). Maybe there’s a separate section for items that a timeline indicates I should be working on, but aren’t actually “due” for more than 7 days. And Maybe allow people to create their own groups, so they can move items around Kanban-style.