See all my tasks in one place?

Just wondering if the BASIC TO DO LIST is coming along ???
My boss says this is a deal breaker and I would really like to stay with


I came here and created a community account just to echo that it is absurd that Monday doesn’t have this feature! Anyways, searching for other options for this now. Dealbreaker for my company.

Hi all,

This is covered here as well: See & Update All Tasks From One Place - Feature requests/feedback - monday Community

It is under the feature request forum :slight_smile: provided an update and noted they were working on something for this quarter.

Thanks @GeeMilton and @matteusclement for posting! And happy New Year!

We are working on this for release this quarter, like @DTCSC said :slight_smile: Our team definitely understands how useful it would be and are hoping it will help you and your teams stay on top of personal tasks!

3 Likes I can’t believe that a basic feature that even old task management software from the 90’s has isn’t available here, and that your customers have been practically begging for this since 2019! Our team recently signed up and have been wasting our time trying to figure this out, and now I’m regretting signing up for Monday at all. I should be able to click one button that shows me all the tasks that I haven’t yet completed across all boards. What’s even more frustrating is that in the “Overview Widget” help docs, you have a screen shot of what appears to be what everyone here is looking for!! But I don’t see this widget and can’t figure out how to add it to my dashboard.

Sorry for being upset, but after spending hours trying to figure this out, finally landing on this thread was incredibly frustrating.

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