See items referencing an item

I would like to be able to see which items are referenced by another item via connect boards.

For example:

I have one board with office locations, one board with marketing collateral (individual posters, displays, etc.). I have a connect boards column on the collateral board to select which office has that individual piece.

I would like to be able, on the office board, to see every piece in that office–so every item in the collateral board ‘connected’ to that office location.

I understand I could go to the collateral board and filter by the branch, but for reporting purposes I want to be able to see this information on the office board, for every office.

Is there a “referenced by:” connect boards column type available? Or in the works? It would be tedious to make a second connect boards column in the office board and select all present collateral–that could lead to errors when one board is updated but not another, as the collateral is moved from office to office and needs to be tracked.