Seeing who changed permissions

So I’m using a board for our company and I had the permissions set a specific way but when I came in this morning, they were changed. I went under activity and see where/when the issue was corrected. But I cant see when it happened. Is there an easy way to find this information?

Hey @nstephenson!

This is actually activity the board owner can view in the activity log:

Let me know if this is the information you’re looking for!

So the problem I’m running into is that the activity log shows when it was corrected, but for the life of me, I can’t see when it was changed originally. And it actually just happened yesterday on another board.

Ah I see… I am afraid at this time the only way to pinpoint when this change occurred would be to scroll through the activity log and monitor for any changes - which I recognise is not ideal, particularly for a large board. I apologise for the setback here! I am going to follow up internally about this and check whether filtering by permissions is something we’d consider developing for the activity log. I will circle back here once I have a response :pray: