Seeking Assistance with Dashboard Data Representation Issue

Dear Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek guidance regarding a challenge I am currently facing with the data representation in my dashboard.

I have configured my board to include four risks in the Mirror column. However, when I attempt to display this data in the dashboard, I am encountering an issue with the total number displayed against each risk owner. Despite correctly setting the X Axis, Y Axis, and ensuring that the Stacked option is Correct, the cumulative Checkbox also unchecked.

To provide better context, I have attached images illustrating the discrepancy between the expected number of risks per owner and the actual total being displayed in the dashboard.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice on how to rectify this issue and ensure that the dashboard accurately represents the number of risks associated with each risk owner. Your expertise and assistance in resolving this matter would be invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your time and support

Hello @Shoaibali450 ,

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I am not sure I am understanding your problem correctly.

I have two suggestions.

First, make sure to check the more settings options. Perhaps what you are looking to achieve is in one of these options?


If this does not work, and if you 100% certain you have chosen the correct x,y and stack by values, I would suggest creating a new dashboard and recreating the widget there. I had faced an issue in the past were the data was not shown correctly, and this is how it was resolved.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thank you for your response.
Please try to understand that, I have total 4 risks tasks (Y Axis) that i am showing against the Risk owners (X Axis) in Dashboard. The Dashboard is showing the Total 6 Tasks which is wrong. This Should be 2 with one Person, 1 with One & again 1 with one owner So that, It would be total 4 Risks with 3 Risk owners, But it is not showing the correct data. I have checked the all options Checkboxes.