Send a pdf on a specific date only on Done Status?

Hi Monday,
Is it possible to get Monday to send a pdf on a specific date each month only with the tasks that have Status Done?

Hi Jesper,

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is what exactly do you want to send?

Some starter questions:

  1. Is this a large or small board? How many tasks are you planning to include each month?
  2. Do you want to send this only once or every month for all done tasks?
  3. Is it a pdf for each task or a single pdf that has a list of completed tasks? And do you want to exclude old (previously sent) tasks from each month’s pdf?
  4. Do you want to send this pdf via email or in some other way?
  5. Is the date the same for all tasks?

These could all impact a recommendation. I’d be happy to help you discover this requirement and offer some high quality advice or build an integration for you. Feel free to reach out directly.

One tool that might directly solve your problem is DocuGen. It has a lot of handy features that might provide you a solution:

Hi @Smukkehansen,

To avoid any apps on this, I would simply use the file column to attach the PDF to the line item and then set up the following automations:

  1. Integrate the email inbox through the Integrations on the board and use the When Status Changes, send email to email column. You can use the field import for the file.

  2. Make sure ot have a send email status column for this trigger to work as intended.

  3. Add automation: When Date Arrives and only if Status is Done, then change Email Status to Send.

This combination will send the PDF via email based on the timing you set up and the condition will only allow for the done to be sent.

Need help just let us know here: Contact Us - Axanexa

Good Luck!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hello Francis,
I have an employee I do a number of tasks for every month, anything from 10-50, they get the date when I create them, so there will be a start date and an end date.

When the tasks change their status to Done, they must be moved down into a group called, for example, “October tasks” and based on those tasks, a combined pdf must be generated on the last weekday of the month. Tasks that are solved in November must automatically be moved down to “November Tasks” based on the date they are solved.
Does it make sense ?

And i don’t know why, but in my Monday I don’t have the opportunity to export a PDF, the last list i have i “More Actions” is Full Screen.

Hi Jesper,

Understood. From what I can tell, you’re not planning automate this—you just want a reliable and practical process.

Unfortunately, appears to have removed their print/export to PDF feature. I have no idea why this is.

Here is a potentially viable simple manual process:

  1. Create a filter that has “End Date is Current Month” and save that as a view (this should give exactly the items that you want). Let’s call this view “Completed This Month”/
  2. On the last day of each month, go to “Completed This Month” and export to Excel.
  3. Using Excel or a free alternative such as Numbers (mac) or LibreOffice, you should then be able to take the item name data from the exported file and reformat it as you require.
  4. Send the pdf manually.

This should result in a <10 minute task every month.

For a more automated solution, you could experiment with DocuGen, as I’ve suggested above. It’s hard for me to say x/y/z is going to be the best solution without doing some deeper discovery. There are many ways to approach these types of issues. Of course I’d be happy to book a free starter consultation if you’re interested.

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